Stoney Lake, ON
1 100 SF

Amy and John have long enjoyed a cottage perched on a rocky outcrop above on an island on Stoney Lake.  Fast forward to freak occurrence - the original cottage was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.

We approached this re-design with pre-determined constraints and set dimensions. Working within the extents of the 40’ by 40’ building footprint, we designed a three season cottage nestled between ledge rock and forest housed under a vaulted roof.  Conceived of as collection of sticks and frames, the braced roof structure utilizes light wood framing anchored to the bedrock with reinforced concrete piers.  Exposed wood columns hold down the kite like roof.

The bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms are pushed to the exterior of the plan to embrace forest views while defining a central living space that faces the lake.  An upper loft and catwalk wrap around three sides of the cottage.  Building corners are eroded and intertwined with porches, decks and wooden walkways.


contractor : Fourstar Construction
structural :  Blackwell