Rosedale, Toronto, ON
5 000 SF

We approached this renovation project with the belief that a 100 year old building is a sustainable building.  Upon completion, Kirsty fondly described this project as a new modern house wrapped in a vintage jacket.

Originally built in the early 1900’s, our direction was to retain the heritage C-rated exterior of the house and completely reconfigure the interior. Avid art collecting clients requested ‘openness.’ Aside from the art creating focal points, the plan allows the passage of time to be observed/felt over the course of the day, through the seasons and across years. Furniture, carefully selected light fixtures and floor finishes are used to differentiate living, dining, and eating and circulation spaces. 

We introduced a new bay window with integrated benches and a central stairway.  These elements were carefully designed and detailed to have qualities of mass, but also having the qualities of floating/folded planes of Douglas Fir.  A subdued palette of whites, warm and cool woods, natural and honed materials create a sense of quiet luxury from the richness of materials quality washed with light rather than ornamentation.


contractor : Bell Construction Group
millwork : Gibson Greenwood

photographs : Steven Evans