Kensington Market, Toronto, ON
0 000 SF

We walked into Grey Gardens, Jen Agg’s restaurant in Kensington the day it opened, were greeted warmly, and smiled.  The highly designed interiors are skillfully curated, intertwining warm, rough, worn and re-purposed materials and objects.  Concrete and marble bars, a curved banquet and expertly selected lighting make the room.  Jen imagined an atmosphere and built it. 

As architects and designers we sometimes have little to do with the specification and finial details of spaces. When our clients are experts in their field we step aside and learn. We provide guidance on less glamorous stuff necessary allowing a complex project to move forward. This was the case with Grey Gardens.

Aside from a bit of general design discussion, Wayback began this project with Jen to help out with zoning, a change of use, code review and permit acquisition necessary to turn a temporary retail space into a fully functioning restaurant. 

contractor : Picken Quality Construction

life safety : Lam & Associates Ltd.
mechanical : Chris Moroz - ZAAB consulting



photographs : Jen Agg